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About Hurghada?

About Hurghada

Stretching around 40 kilometres along the Red Sea coast, Hurghada is home to beach resorts, the lively harbour of Sigala and the old town of El Dahar. This former fishing village is now one of the most popular bases in Egypt for exploring the underwater wonders to the east and the desert landscapes to the west. 

When looking for accommodation, the hotels in Hurghada are plentiful and serviced, and non-serviced, apartments are available for those seeking a little more seclusion. Those on a budget may wish to stay a little further out of town or make use of Hurghada hotel deals online.

Things to do

The main highlight of a Hurghada holiday is snorkelling or diving in the Red Sea, renowned for its coral reefs teeming with marine life. The Straits of Gubal are one of the most impressive destinations, with vast coral pinnacles and famous shipwrecks, including the Thistlegorm WWII cargo ship.

Spend a day lazing on the idyllic Giftun Islands, with powdery white sands and shallow waters ideal for swimming. Spot schools of tropical fish while snorkelling in the nearby coral reefs or relax under the palm-frond shelters that line the beach. 

Hurghada also makes a great base for jeep and quad biking expeditions into the Eastern Desert. Explore the red-rock mountains and spectacular wadi landscapes on a jeep tour, with the option to go camel trekking led by local Bedouins. 

If you’re looking for something to do once the sun goes down, the Hurghada Marina is a stylish new addition to the area, packed with upmarket restaurants and bars. Watch yachts bobbing on the water as you feast on Egyptian cuisine or enjoy cocktails during sunset.

Getting around

Hurghada International Airport is around 20 minutes’ drive south of El Dahar or three hours’ bus ride from Qena. Minibuses and taxis are the primary means of getting between the resort towns and your Hurghada accommodation.

Where will you stay in Hurghada?

Resort in Hurghada



Top Hotels In Hurghada.


Sentido Mamlouk Palace Resort

Km 20 Hurghada/Safaga Road


Mercure Hurghada Hotel

Safaga Road Km-12


Hilton Hurghada Resort

Hurghada Bay


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